Captivating visuals and engaging storytelling draws users to your business.

Explore the power of video advertising.

Video ads target specific demographics and locations within premium video content.

Two types of ads are used to grab users' attention.

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Pre-roll video

Video ads, typically 15 or 30 seconds, play before, during, and after premium video content. They're highly targeted, reaching specific demographics and locations.

Two-thirds of consumers prefer watching videos about products or services over reading about them.

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Video geofencing

Video Geofencing targets ads to users within specific virtual boundaries, effectively reaching potential customers nearby.

This increases chances of immediate purchases by targeting audiences in close proximity.

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Targeting options

(zip codes, cities, counties, regions)

(gender, age, parent status, annual household income, education, homeowner status)

Audience interests
(restaurants, sports, shopping)

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