Captivate users' attention with bold images and specific ads.

Explore the power of streaming TV advertising.

Watch your business expand when you advertise on
connected TV devices.

Streaming TV delivers content over the internet, offering on-demand access to shows and movies.

The service enables businesses to place commercials during breaks, reaching specific audiences with precise targeting.

of households are reachable via CTV

of viewers prefer to watch free ad-supported content

of ads are viewed on Roku and Fire TV devices

Video ads target specific demographics and locations within premium content.

Two types of ads are used to grab users' attention.

a person sitting on a chair with a laptop


Over-the-Top (OTT) ads, typically 15 or 30 seconds, are served on all internet-enabled devices.

They appear before, during, and after premium video content, capturing audience interest in an unskippable format.

a person's feet on a desk with a tv and plants


Connected TV (CTV) ads target internet-connected smart TVs and devices like Roku and Fire Stick.

They drive high brand recall and are watched by 80% of viewers with a 95% completion rate.

a city with tall buildings

Targeting options

(zip codes, cities, counties, regions)

(gender, age, parent status, annual household income, education, homeowner status)

Audience interests
(restaurants, sports, shopping)

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