Build connections. Boost leads. Drive revenue.

Enhance the way you do business with NRG Media Digital Marketing.

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NRG Media offers more than an online presence. Together, we can connect you with your with your desired audience in the places they live, work, and play.

Go beyond clicks
Craft compelling digital experiences that captivate your audience and inspire meaningful actions. Create content that speaks to your audience's needs, aligns with your goals, and advances your brand across digital platforms.

Generate leads
Increase your email database, attract new talent, and grow your customer base with proven lead generation tactics. Reach your audience at the right place and the right time with the right message.

Data-driven success
Make decisions based on results with comprehensive reporting for every solution. Build tactical campaigns that work for your business, using analytics to guide your team to future success.

Customize everything with your customers in mind.

Reach your goals across multiple platforms.

Paid Search (SEM)
Tailored ads that match users' current searches and elevate the advertiser on Google search pages.
SEM Examples
Geofencing and Video Geofencing

GPS-based ads that target consumers on mobile devices within virtually-set online boundaries.

Youtube TrueView Ads

Precise video ads on YouTube with payment that is based on completed views or engagements.

Streaming Audio

Audio ads that target consumers on internet-streaming services and reach audiences where visual ads cannot.

Streaming Video (CCT/OTT)

Video ads that are shown during the streaming of TV shows and movies on smart TVs and other compatible devices.

Targeted Display

Animated or static graphic ads that appear on whitelisted websites and target users based on their demographics.

Pre-roll Video

Targeted video ads shown on whitelisted websites before, during, and after online video content.

Targeted Email

Tailored messages that target audiences by demographics, interests, or intent to boost engagement and conversions.

Social Media

Graphic or video ads on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram that target actively engaged users.

Website Design

A visually appealing, user-friendly, and goal-oriented online presence that effectively engages and converts visitors.

Content Marketing
Meaningful and engaging content that resonates with your target audience across multiple platforms.
Creative Services

Original content that's tailored to customers and includes blogs, articles, videos, graphic design, and more.

Our Markets

NRG Media Digital Marketing operates in nine Midwest markets with teams who are experienced in traditional and digital media.

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NRG Omaha operates seven stations in Omaha, Neb.
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NRG Lincoln operates five stations in Lincoln, Neb.
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Central Nebraska

NRG Central Nebraska operates five stations out of Kearney, Grand Island, and Hastings, Neb.
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Waterloo/Cedar Rapids

NRG Waterloo/Cedar Rapids operates four stations out of Waterloo/Cedar Falls and Cedar Rapids, Iowa.
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NRG Dixon operates three stations in the Dixon, Sterling, and Rock Falls, Ill. areas.
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NRG Ottawa operates two stations out of Ottawa, Ill.
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NRG Salem operates two stations in South Central Illinois.
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NRG Wausau operates four stations out of Wausau/Stevens Point, Wisc.
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NRG Northwoods operates six stations out of Northwoods, Wisc.